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Equipment Used in an Excavation Service

What Makes Excavating Fast and Efficient?

Excavation service necessitates various pieces of equipment. Aside from the excavator itself, which are necessary for breaking through the soil and whatever obstacles it may have, you’ll also need to protect yourself from unwanted accidents during the process. Aside from the construction site safety equipment, you’ll also need to make sure you invest in tools for the job, like the ones below:

Tire Chainsaws

It is required to use tire chainsaws when working with trees. These are long chains that are fastened around the tires and have sharp teeth. They are designed to grip the ground and saw through trees. This is because of the potential accidents with trees not being cut in the right way. Chainsaws are also very dangerous and should never be handled without professional experience. It is necessary to have this equipment in your toolbox to prevent unwanted accidents.


The mule is a mechanical piece of equipment that is used to remove dirt or remove trees or large shrubs or roots. It is usually used to fill large holes in the ground and can work on uneven soil or soft material.

Truck-Mounted Excavator

Truck-mounted Excavators are used to digging large holes and are strong enough for heavy lifting. A wheeled Excavator is normally used when the ground is tight and there is no room for a truck-mounted Excavator.


A large mobile crane is a piece of equipment that is usually towed behind a truck. It is usually used to complete large projects or to remove large objects from towers.

Skid Steer Excavator

Skid steer Excavators are the most versatile piece of machinery available on the market today. They can be used for digging, mixing, and preparing the soil, and have the power to grind through rock.

Buck Truck

A buck truck is a utility truck that is used to move dirt and other materials. This type of truck is usually towed behind a truck and has a front bucket that can be used to dump wet soil or sand, and a rear roller that can be used for smoothing soil.

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