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Types of Excavation Service

Excavation 101

When it comes to engineering and building, excavation is the process of moving rocks, soil, and other materials with the help of tools, equipment, or sometimes explosives. Excavation is done for many different reasons. The different types of excavation are usually based on the specific reason for the excavation or the type of material being dug up. Here are a few of the most common jobs that a professional excavation service like FM Enterprise LLC does.


This particular sort of excavation is associated with the process of constructing bridges, and its primary purpose is to remove obstacles that will make it more difficult to construct the bridge’s foundations, substructures, and many other essential components.


In different kinds of excavation, things need to be taken away to make room for building, and borrowing will do the exact opposite of what you want. In this digging, soil or gravel is taken from one place and used in another. These things could be used to level, fill, or mix with things like concrete.


Drainage is the movement of water from places like ditches, trenches, storm drains, runoff drainage, agricultural drainage, etc., and any structures connected to such drainage. These ditches need to be dug out so that water can flow away from homes, farms, infrastructure, and other places that could be damaged.


Channel excavation is taking things out of drainage ditches, channels, and so on. This can be done for several reasons, but it is usually done to change the flow of water or to make more room. This will help stop flooding or if you prefer, the buildup of sediment and stagnant water.

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